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The Awesome Threesome first appeared in the — animated Aquaman series by Filmation, before appearing also in the comic book series Aquaman in issue 36 November—December where they were created by Josh Miller and Nick Cardy. The Awesome Threesome were a trio of robotic creatures. Torpedo Man commands the group and the other two are Claw and Magneto not to be confused with the Marvel Comics character of the same name.

They attack the 21st Century Expo and destroy a scale model of Aquaman's city called the Atlantean Pavilion. Aquaman, Mera, Aqualad, Aquagirl, and Aquababy inspect the pavilion's remains. With the heroes distracted, the threesome slip into the 'Science Hall'. Their next target is the Gyro-Moleculizer. It is utilized to move the people out of the way.



The group declares that the people attending the expo should 'enjoy' their weightless state or be harmed. Recommended For Your Pleasure. If you ask your best friend and his wife if they'd like to have a threesome, be prepared to sit on the sofa for a moment not saying anything. She didn't use those words, but that's what she was thinking. I learned fairly early on that, if I'm friends with a guy and then became friends by proxy with his wife or girlfriend later on, simply by virtue of being friends with the male half, the female friendship can become remarkably tenuous when you propose a debaucherous interlude.

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