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Mariashutter: Russian for sure, loved how he read the lines.

Eva Mathew: The Serbian wasn't very good, though. You can definitely see they aren't from Serbia, and they were't confidend enough, and didn't really sell it. But hey, thanks for including us! And some of them did think it was the sexiest, so yay! Hvala!

DaCensored: Brazil wins everytime

Riyanah K: I'm glad Alexandra called herself out because she was really close to being patronizing.

Lukas Krumme: HANI! she def the hottest

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Sanaa Qahera: Love you Ayanna!

Lena Marianna: Je rir beaucop

Mani Hamon: This makes Jamaican dudes look really sleezy. I feel like they're could have been better representation than that.

Pranav Nair: To sound and say anything in French just sound like your about to spit. And the Portuguese is WRONGGGGGGG like wtf

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Cru Jones Tugging Dick

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