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Superboy-Prime is from a parallel Earth called Earth-Prime that had no super-heroes. There, Superman and the other comic superheroes were fictional characters only seen in comic books. The Earth-Prime universe was erased during the Crisis on Infinite Earths , and Superboy-Prime ended up in a "paradise" dimension where during that time, he found himself unable to let go of his former life and his destiny as Earth's greatest hero.

Over time, his convictions and morals become twisted and warped, and he came to believe that Earth-Prime is the only proper Earth and that he, Superboy-Prime, was the only one worthy of the mantle of Superboy. Prime firmly believes that becoming Superman is his calling despite the fact that he has become a psychotic and murderous villain. His overwhelming strength, speed, and ruthlessness make him one of the most dangerous foes in the DC Universe.

Superboy-Prime is from the universe known as Earth Prime, in which the DC heroes are fictional comic book characters. He is the adopted son of Jerry and Naomi Kent.

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Prime Battman

He encounters the elderly couple who own the farm, and they refer to him as "Superboy", which enrages him. In Countdown to Final Crisis , following the conclusion of the Sinestro Corps War , Superman-Prime is shown wearing a costume similar to the black suit worn by Superman shortly after his resurrection and has discovered the existence of the new Multiverse, traversing it in the hopes of finding Earth Prime.

Watch TV shows and Movies on any device, nearly anywhere. Adventure Comics Superboy Superboy and the Ravers. What the Kents do not know is that the baby, found abandoned in a forest, is actually a young Kal-El, who has been teleported to Earth by his father Jor-El moments before the planet Krypton was destroyed when its red sun went supernova. Superboy-Prime is then taken into the custody of the Guardians of the Universe , who place him in a quantum containment field, surrounded by a red Sun-Eater and guarded by fifty Green Lanterns.

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Superboy-Prime also known as Superman-Prime or simply Prime, is a DC Comics superhero . Alexander takes control of Batman's Brother Eye satellite, which allows him to control the OMACs...