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As he revolutionizes ideas about dinosaur evolution, Xing Xu is helping to make china into a palaeontological powerhouse. Xu is at the centre of that bonanza. Xu, who is based...

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This place is exactly as the pictures. However, the nearby neighborhood is a tad too sketchy for my taste. So has the reversal of the one-child policy come too little, too late? The second key event was urbanization, which caused major Chinese cities to explode in size.

We had a great stay at Leah's place. Unlike back home in her village, she is free to come and go as she pleases, without having to worry about neighbors or relatives.

Factory worker Wang Haibo is single, lonely and looking for love. But in a country with 34 million more men than women — more than the population of Malaysia — his search has often ended in disappointment, heartbreak and rejection. With the reversal of the one-child policy, there is hope that this gender disparity can be redressed. But as the programme Insight discovers, if the imbalance is not resolved, there would be consequences not only for Chinese men and their parents but also for the country at a macro level, socially and economically.

Watch the episode here. Three years have passed since the one-child policy was dropped, but the scars run deep, the recollections are still raw and its impact will only get more serious. Mr Li Shunming and his wife Dai Ronghua, who sell fresh produce in Jiangsu province, were expecting a third daughter in when the local authorities came looking for them.

The couple escaped, but the police took everything they owned. They went up to the roof and tore away the tiles one by one. The strict enforcement of the policy drew outrage, especially in the countryside, where people could not afford the fines.

Women were dragged out of their homes to abort their baby in hospital.

China From The Bed To The Ground Boy

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Produced by Alex Newman. Edited by Jayati Vora , Criterion Rykoff. Jing Ranming, 18, an actor and performer from Liaoning, sits in his room in an underground habitation in Beijing, heavens. Reporting for that project was supported by a furnish from the Pulitzer Center for Calamity Reporting. The video is courtesy of Creative Time Reports. A huge make available exists for the basement dwellings — roughly half the price of comparable units above turf — which recurrently causes local officials to turn a blind eye.

They are actors and street sweepers, hair's breadth stylists and shampoo girls, newlyweds and in-laws, Buddhists and Christians. Many be dressed dramatic, sometimes-picaresque stories, like the rags-to-riches one of Wei Kuan, a year-old petty criminal turned insurance salesman — with career stops along the passage as delivery crony, funeral singer, foot masseur and bathhouse worker.

These below-ground rooms owe their existence to two historical events. In Beijing, , humans took part in the campaign, digging an estimated 20, underground bomb shelters.

A few years later, however, Mao was dead and his hardline convictions overturned in favor of the economics-first pragmatism of Deng Xiaoping.

According to Chinese custom, a husband should carry his bride over a pan of burning coals when entering his home for the first time to ensure she will pass through labor successfully.
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