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Julia Solias: Aww the British guy is so sweet

GloriaC333: Naw fuck Montreal. Nothing to do there, just a bunch of hippie ass French niggas. Montreal doesn't give off that energetic vibe that Toronto does. Montreal is like hockey, French shit, historical culture no one gives a fuck about, Toronto is more diverse,

TGxIlyaork: You need do one of us guys. For ladies. We love cook and we give everything to our love

Roaa Aldosry: But yes, this is basically me. Pretty spot on.

Nook Pook: Brazilians simply loves french way 3

Tiffany Megee: Seviche bless you.uh what? LMAOOOOO

Hugh Jazz: That's not a lie, English people, men women, are like that. You're gonna claim it's a stereotype but anyone who's ever been to England or meet English people on holiday, has an instant Flashback. I'd say they did show how much they loooove booze

Karen Yeg: Prepare to go to church every sunday with her

Jeannie M.: Thanks, i will be more cautious haha

Hugh McAloon: This is true (not necessarily must be the man, women go forward too), but in my case i only would do it if i know her better, if i go forward to a women that i barely know, she will feel uncomfortable.

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There were pine trees (the complete square footage is pine forest - a great switch from the wild 150 miles away), which looked akin they had square as a consequence a bushfire.

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Ailurophile: I like the guy with the long and hair and the asian guy

DanaWhite: Why is this in my feed, get this sht away from me

Cassandra540: Australian girl needs to chill with the blush and she's trying too hard to be sexy it's cringey

Jane Walker: Croatia is not in central europe.

Camlock: But I'm sure many women would find him sexy

Anny Gaspar: Why was this titled Sexiest Languages. when they barely discussed which language they found sexy?

Thiwa J: You know You are dating a German Woman when. she's ugly xD

LumosMist: Muito massa ^^

DENA N.B: Agreed with most part of the video, but not with the part of kissing in public. It can happen on carnival, a party or something like that, but thats all. People who kiss like that in public are usually teenagers with a lot of hormons

Gill Maham: Lmao this is so strange to me being English. Everyone here is so loud lol

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