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Kinky Stud Fingering Himself

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On this day, however, they decided to watch the wedding video at the wedding reception, possibly because the bride had that memory condition from the movie Memento and couldn't remember what had happened earlier that day.

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Angelica: The brazilian portuguese was so bad, im brazilian and didnt get what she said at first

Kashif Ali: As a Chinese I can assure you no one in China will think this woman is pretty.I don't want to offence individually but she looks like over 4

Abiola Doyeni: The title o this video is highly offensive, I understand that's what the guys there say about women, but you have a responsibility to not to perpetuate such offensive ideas about women. Shame on you! Rather than quoting your male expert on Spanish women, who had no qualms calling them putas/whores, you could have highlighted their self-respect and empowerment on making a choice on who they want to date/sleep with.

Umeng2002: Jeez only based on the video, Canadian men are like 21th century humanoid machine.

GUILLE CP: Love from Romania! ^ (pup)

Alleyiaah: I come from france and trust me that is not my language the girl completely destroyed it :)

Feride Fleur: I'm from quebec and france's accent sounds so much better haha. Those guys from quebec really tried their best not to sound like garbage.

Kirsten C.: Lost it when she was weather the two hoodies. Brilliant!

Janaina Ricci: Not a country but I hate the stereotypes for New Yorkers.

Shandy South: So funny and she is gorgeous.

NepzGauRav: That earring looks absolutely ridiculous on that dude.

Oddiosanto: Wait. Are her boobs out? 46 seconds

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  1. Things like this are the reason why I have a major problem approaching women anywhere. Where the fuck does appropriate behavior end and harassment begin?

  2. I'm a feminist because 93 of prisoners in the U.S. are male, and i think that the prison population should be 50 female.

  3. I agree with you. I find it offensive to hear Laci Greene give her opinion on this (and many other topics.В

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