Wifes First Big Dick Story - Wife's First Big One

This story really began a long time ago, when I was only 19 years old. Something happened to me one night that would end up having...

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Wifes First Big Dick Story

My husband, sadly for him, is not blessed with a big cock. He measures in at condign above 4 inches standing. It would be comme �a to call it insignificant. I certainly have, multifarious times in fact. I remind him of it quite often because he loves to hear it. He revels in his inadequacies. They are a source of intense arousal for him and I love him, so I happily tell him the truth. His cock is small.

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  • Wife's Story About Her First Big Dick

My wife and I recently were talking about dick size. You must understand, my wife was extremely conservative. Just getting her in this conversation gave me hope of seeing her with a monster big black cock shoved up in her pussy real damn soon. He has always wanted to fuck Angelique and we all knew it.

Course we looked, and she saw some of the cocks out there and I think she got a little turned on to say the very damn least. That night was the best fuck we ever had, ever! He really has, he always has, I wanted her to know and see exactly what her true reaction was gona be.

I grabbed her hips and sank my dick as deep as I could in her and I went deep too.

Did I ruin my chances with this guy I'm dating?

I'll be back in a couple of hours. I walked over and turned on the light. She suggested that she try having sex with another man while I was not around, and work up to him and I together. It took some time for me to get the dildo even half way in. He said he is a new nurse who works with my wife at the hospital. Mike kissed her and they french kissed for a few minutes. The experience of being fucked by my first big cock was intensely pleasurable.

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Wife's Story About Her First Big Dick - Hi there, we've looked at this site a couple of times just for fun and decided to post this true account of what we enjoy in our sex life.

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  1. This has happened to me on more than one occasion, I never knew why! I'm a girl btw

  2. Sexism or the result of sexual dimorphism? You do accept that we're a sexually dimorphic species, don't you?

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