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I have never met anyone who was so in touch with his sexuality as Eddie Diaz. The guy is a walking sex machine.

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Tiger Tyson is the guy with whom we will start this list of hottest gay porn stars.

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GoldenSolid: You know you are dating a Russian man when he says safety is number one priority

Samuel James: Actually, all those superstitious are the same. An empty bottle on a table is also bad thing.

Ma Lejla: You Know You are Dating a MEXICAN Woman When. SHE HAS NO VISA

Navoyka: Dating a polish women or men

Reya Roy: The cockney accent weren't real cockney

AgnesPanikara: British accent his legendary. but Irish accent still the best.

DJ BFABIO: I think he was supposed to touch the Turkish mother's hand with his chin and then forehead.

Ilgiangy: Tampoco la pavada, a mi me da la idea de que la mina es media exquisita (discriminadora con los hombres

Janne Mikkola: If you have a Russian girl tell her this: Cyka Blyat (read suka blyat)

Robert Punu: Yes finally its up I am so happy hehe

John Griffin: Why is Lucy so lifeless. That puts her from a 9/10 to 7/10

Daniel Oliver: Omg, the cringe girl ruined the last bit . ew

Wayne Carter: I don't know who came up with Na Zdorovye being cheers. We usually make a toast. Trust me no one says na zdorovye, I believe Polish do

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Renggram: How does anyone who values connecting with people and expressing oneself live in such a culture. I'm sorry but I like socializing and I'm not going to be fake to fit in with everyone else, I don't follow crowds.

Goro Akechi: Tf Why is everyone think they so clever and so full with campaign because they write mean things about Israel? Just a bunch of Hippocrates trying to be hipsters. you are pathetic and actually kinda racist

Rick Mitchell: Have you done dating a Cuban woman?

Tianna N: her ass her face 3 her height 4 tits

Justin H: People in Denmark is generally dressed nice and they don't try to fit in but just stick to their social group. I think they are very individual and interessting but go around in their own world too much.

Maggie Sailor: Spanish is the best

Sugar Coma: With these 3 you should do ok:

British Blue: This video is lame and the comments are lame. I'm moving on to more intelligent topics like CBC news, BBC news, PBS, maybe radio Canada.literature, environmentally friendly design. I will then go for a hike as there is not enough snow for cross country skiing yet. Seriously.there's so much more to Canada than this.

JoanaYoshi: She is so beautiful

Lina S.: We all know Northern Ireland has the best accents

OcciBK31: The guy wore black made me proud

CaliBoyz: I couldn't decide between the american and the brazilian, and then, the saudi came in and for some reason I found him so irresistible. It most be his eyes. XD

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