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He probably just happens to be one of those guys who are into it. I have to disagree with you...

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Pineau Music: Im 29 and i look younger

Tommy Wile: I'm Indian and I cannot relate to ANY of this. I feel like this makes Indian girls look really high maintenance and difficult to be with. Not all of us have conservative families, not all of us like bollywood or spicy food, and not all of us are looking for a marriage.

Allen Schmitz: Austrian guys sound nice :)

Purpleyoyo24: I love all your videos, I've BINGED watched them all!

Cookie Hell: I was married to a russian. According to my experience, she will support, etc. it is unreal. Other point: in fact, they can be very emotional (sometimes TOO and can be very agressive but they can turn to pure rational ice all of a sudden. with NO compassion

AnnIEro0: It was a great video! But like you said at the end, I wanted to hear an Argentinian woman too: You should do a Dating an Argentinian woman!

Wkurwik: I am latina and from spain and venezuela. It would be amazing to do one on spanish/latina women

Kendall K: Dude is basically James Dean, and she is Greek. you know she's getting ANAL.

Banana Peel: This looks like the typical Argentinian woman

Hawra Aziz: Where the fuck is Mexico at

Richard Pego: I could get there if I didn't have chubby cheeks and had longer legs T-T the must. Aahhhhhh

Taby Michel: I disagree. Brazilian women have an important influence of their family origins, such as Italian, German, Portuguese, and the region, since our country is huge. And that makes Brazil a country with many different women.

Did I make things weird?

I am totally against it and wouldn't try if they asked, but can only remember once or twice ever having a guy mention it. In all porn, there is a vastly larger percentage of black men performing anal sex than other races.

Its always the straitest men who are the dl. I wouldn't be supprised if he was on the downlow. What Guys Said 8. Who all have fallen? Most men are bisexual any race or gender.

How many people do you chat with?

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Black Dudes Enjoy Anal

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Nassim Benji: The thing that always annoys me is when I tell someone that I'm half Russian and they then ask So how do you swear?

Hardcoded UT: You should make a separate video on South Indian girls.

Elenabob: Please do Ecuadorian women. We're always left out!

Grace Do: You did a great job, it's such an eye-opener for those who never experienced dating Europeans and North Americans.

Steven Steel: Chi Chi Chi le le le.all the way.

Jenny Horner: How is all of this sexist again?

Hvnnyblonde: I speak french n i couldn't understand a word the second girl was saying. .the prononciation was totally false

Bill Fancher: I'd like to see for Belgian girls !

Gustavo Rivas: In India, men pay first then the next time women pays it. There will be a balance.

Arkan Angel: Tetris music would fit better


Others twig that they could in reality pull off that and run a profit past it.

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  1. The true winners from this madness are lawyers and social activists who get an audience fundraising opportunities.

  2. Glad to see you go, it's the best for everyone. Stay true to yourself! Don't come back now!

  3. its a little odd how she tries to use large words to try and sound smart, buuuuuuuuuuuuuut

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