Perfect Choking The Chicken After Drinking - The 12 Foods You’re Most Likely to Choke On

Children and the elderly are most at risk of a fatal choking episode, but this accidental death can affect people of all ages. Choking deaths are...

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I don't want to even think about what my reaction might have been if I wasn't trained - Freezing? I tried some BLW-suggested foods with my firstborn when he was a beginning eater and very quickly realized that he was able to break off choke-able chunks. And just like your little one will be clumsy when learning to grasp and wobbly when she learns to walk, she will NOT be well-coordinated with these oral motor skill as a beginning feeder. There, I said it. Baby Led Weaning is very popular right now.

I've included in parentheses safer alternatives when applicable. Due to size, shape, or texture, some foods pose a greater choking risk than others.



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Perfect Choking The Chicken After Drinking

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