Pound For Pound Weightlifting - Weightlifting Strength Standards

Pound for pound, Derrick Johnson is one of the nation's best weightlifters. His twin kid brothers may be even better....

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Glutamine also fights the process by which your body turns to muscle for energy, instead steering it toward carbs, which can also help increase lean muscle. Since they all divided by the same figure, it does not change the general nature of the curve. For the most part, he let his lifting do the talking. Tucker Combat veterans fall prey to gambling addictions at an alarming rate. It's also a bona fide sport that offered the possibility of national and even international tournaments.

Elite 46 x0. All things you need if you plan to lift heavy often.

Anecdote of the great appeals of fitness and athletics is how easily performance can be quantified. Think of the baseball freak who pours over batting statistics, the running enthusiast striving to beat his best lap habits or the figure athlete tracking his every calorie and macronutrient.

Having uniform standards in exercises allows competitors to get a sense of where they bandstand, and, athletes — being, away nature, competitive — have developed a whole series of vigour milestones worth striving for.

Can you dunk a basketball? Turn out a four-minute mile or a four-second yard dash? Can you bench your bodyweight, or squat double it? Have you at any point run a marathon or completed an Ironman? These are all examples of arbitrary fitness standards that have been elevated to near-mythic status for many athletes and fitness competitors. How do you join? But what seems simple is deceptively difficult.

Whenever weightlifters gather, they always compare performances, as you might expect. Everyone wants to know where he or she falls in the sport hierarchy. Since weightlifting is a sport of numbers, it is easy to see where we stand in our various bodyweight categories. This problem also surfaces in the combat sports, especially in boxing. It is obvious that a smaller, but far superior fighter could still lose to a less-skilled bigger man. As you might guess, there is considerable debate over the lists, but that is what makes it interesting.

Smaller lifters are definitely much better on a P4P basis. This has led some to conclude that they are even morally superior to their larger teammates whose pound-for-pound performances make them appear lazy and pampered in comparison. The lighter athletes, in these cases, would prefer that the only formula needed to compare performances is one where the performance is simply divided by the bodyweight.

The strength standards on this page grade your one-rep max performance against other adult lifters at your bodyweight.
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Pound For Pound Weightlifting

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