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Niyi Ayedun: YKYD a Mexican Man please!


Brian McCabe: Are they for real or faking it

OttoVonKonrad: I love the beach

Pierre Albert: Venezuelan girl tried to sound like Spanish. She did it wrong though, S's are not pronouce as th.

Rossana S.: I love pissing off brazilian women. they are very passionate and can get angry very much. as Italian I love this

John Verdejo: Do one for Denmark!

Nat Jestem: Orange cheese? Wine in a box? Jesus. I'm French and i would never buy these. Lol. It's satirical but. somewhere it's a bit true ;)

Madhu K: Reminds me of my russian x lol

Phansexual: If a man wants to split the bill, he should say so when he asks the woman out. Then she can decide if she wants to go out with him at all. Also Mahmoud is coming across as a gentlemen. Terrence too.

Dhk Fox: Greek women are also like eastern european women. We have the baltic lifestyle completely. Totally. Lol

Arie Sams: Aussie women are all about equality and speaking their mind

Luis Saucedo: Rene is hot

Jack Lindsay: This is not funny, when this chick makes fun of the Gringo such racists.

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How to impress my Hispanic Woman?

Rina Gracić: Greek girls are virtually same as Serbian girls. Much love to wonderful and beautiful Greece from Serbia! :)

Cupckake Love: You know you're dating a russian man when he says blyat cyka tri poloski

Jon Travis: When there's a ton of hair on her Asshole

Simon Brunel: Really a amazing video, can you make something, like the most faithful country!

M Espinosa: Girls from Sweden are sluts.m

Meronpanpan: No Slovak, no Slovenian, no Bosnian :(

Home Phone: She is educated using the language of Shakespeare and Keats, and will only accept the most sophisticated of romantic verse. Only exquisite lines such as show us yer batty then luv will be appropriate on your first date.

Vivek Singh: When you're running for the hills to get away from the most conservative, racist scum on Earth.

Tara Vazquez: Good Lord, what a disaster

Fernifire1243: Dude at the end is a master

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Why does boyfriend randomly ask for pictures of me?

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  1. The Miriam Webster's Collegiate Dictionary, 10th edition, from 1998 defines gender as sex and the behavioral, cultural, or psychological traits typically associated with one sex.

  2. That's some super cool logic you have there. It's too bad that it makes you sound completely retarded.

  3. I think you'd made a great NP! I'm a medical student and you're more articulate and thoughtful than a large chunk of my classmates.

  4. Yet, in viewing her situation, I feel she would benefit the most from an abortion. And that is my opinion.

  5. My gods, I don't know what I would do if I suddenly found myself single again. o.O Good luck out there!

  6. Laci you are awesome! I love you and thank you. I did not know that about that word. Totally cool. You Rock!

  7. I don't know if you were commenting on comments about your breasts or taking a backhanded slap at Islam? hmmm

  8. Laci's on point once again! Love the homage to School House Rock in the artwork too. Looking forward to more in the series!

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