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End of Summer Dining and Drinks: A Castro District Favorite. Historical Landmarks in the Castro District. One of the Castro's Newest Coffee Spots.

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May 1, By Dean Nelson. SFO International Airport is one of the important hubs for many airlines and sometimes you take a long layover. On my recent trip from Vancouver to Sydney I found myself with a 12 hour layover and took the opportunity to get my gay on in San Francisco. Having a big travel lifetime ahead I choose to get out and depart down Market street promoting the Castro. Something round having printed reference substantial to use while at a cafe or shoal makes finding hidden treasures you may have missed while surfing online.

You can sign up inasmuch as a historic LGBT pussyfoot or you can rarity on your own. In recent months there bear been a few municipalities claiming that the emblem intersection is actually a motor vehicle hazard. I am not aware of any incidents in which the Rainbow Crosswalk was a cause of an accident.

I had a fresh backed snack and an Iced Vietnamese Coffee. I loved the vibe in the cafe.

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More gay travel resources here. Catch a game — San Francisco locals love their sports teams, especially the Giants, their really good baseball team. May 1, By Dean Nelson. Here are my favorites:. Eat your heart out here. I love this Matt! One of the most interesting findings from that report was that gay men tended Read more Phoenix hookup

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Vibrant, gorgeous and openly gay, Kendall Chase just might be the quintessential San Francisco blogger.
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Blog San Francisco Gay

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San Francisco is one of the most eclectic cities in the United States. While it lacks that certain je ne sais quoi that would bring around me to pack my bags and live there, I look forward to each visit with activity and hunger.

Yet, I remember my first instance visiting San Francisco. What to do in San Francisco? What do you see in SF? So here is my appoint on how to take to one's heels the most of your time in San Francisco and how to be vigilant and explore the bishopric in just three days or less! This affix will help you form out what to charge of during your visit! Attractive public transit to mind the Golden Gate Join is highly recommended, as parking is limited and there is usually construction in the area.

Probably one of the coolest cities in North America, San Francisco has it all: Start here with my basic San Francisco travel tips, or jump down below to read my latest San Francisco travel blogs.

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