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Yung Kim: Not every guy is like the one in the video, i mean he reflects the stupid italian guy, ignorant and acting as a player. They are easily recognizable. other points in the video are true

Kiih Gomes: For the notes: French woman are awesome

Wemadeit: Wtf why a guy would say lets split ITS SHITTY AND PROVES THAT HES NOT A MAN i would never see him again if he lets me pay. men always has to pay why are u fucking even thinking about it

LUNA TRIX: Actress, who plays a nigerian woman is so gorgeous

Mahmut K: You Know You are Dating a RUSSIAN Woman When. her beard is longer than yours.

Lil Hell: Colombia: accurate XD

Asatru55: Damias (last guy in the video respond here if you watched the video since there a few girls here that would be interested in getting to know you :)

Jamie Winch: She's ex-military, tough as nail, and removes kebab daily :P

R.a.g.e: Interesting how in videos featuring traditional countries there will always be butthurt comments about how people should respect their culture!1! but in videos about countries that are naturally liberated those same people love to insult these cultures. lol. Hypocrites.

Freddie 15K: What is the song toward the end with the jazz?

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John Angelov: The Turkish guy is so funny

Mona Mocanu: To be honest Estonian Ukrainian guys are the way tooo sexy in this video

Vitoria Silva: Cross>Half of Nigeria is MuslimKek

Diteo Ahmed: This is spot on. I'm Canadian

HotDubRae: What a load of shit

IgorDzTV: LOVE you Marina, but this one.not so much.

Roland Taylor: I would like the next video be about dating with Hungarian boy/Cuban boy/Slovakian boy :D

Catrina B: Bu ne lan bunlar turk olamaz turkce bilen gavurlardanomrumde ilk kez boyle bi rezillik goruyom

Jamie Perry: Jake has the dopest shirt i've seen thus far

Ayse Sh: Starting my research on Spanish women. So, let's finish this sentence : You know you are dating a Spanish woman when.

Trio Hunks Buggery Ass Licking

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