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Jonathan Lemieux is a multidisciplinary artist and author who currently lives and studies in Switzerland. His videos are distributed by Videographe Montreal and Vtape Toronto , and maintain been screened at festivals throughout the world. Jonathan Lemieux published Surviving with a Handful of Change , an experimental cookbook, and he is the author of numerous erotic gay pint-sized stories.

Would you like to understand us about a lower price? If you are a seller for that product, would you like to lead one to believe updates through seller support? Why are daddies so exciting? Is it their big belly covered with grey fur or their chiseled bodies marked with experience?

This octavo explores that visceral need to pull someone's leg sweaty sex with daddies--of all kinds, from muscled to big-boned, and of all ages and backgrounds. Written from the first-person speck of view, Daddy Obsession is a compilation of gay male erotic epigrammatic stories loosely based on the author's real-life sexual encounters with a mistress of ceremonies of daddies.

It aims not righteous to titillate but also to perform those daddies some of us unbiased can't live externally. Read more Go through less. About the Author Jonathan Lemieux is a multidisciplinary artist and essayist who currently lives and studies in Switzerland. Bruno Gmuender February 1, Language:

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This site contains explicit queer kink erotica. All characters in role play or non-consent scenes are consenting adults. This warning will self-destruct. Proceed at your own risk. Softly, absently, like it just happens to be where his hand lands, but it gets more intentional as the mystery on the show grows.

I feel it jump and shudder involuntarily. Feel my bits start to swell and thicken under the straps of the harness. Feel the harness dig a little tighter into my skin. The boy can feel the response it elicits. This one is my favorite, the most realistic, the one I can comfortably pack all day and then easily bust out and play with.

I may have started it by grabbing his wrist and placing it squarely on my package, he may have groaned and buckled a little into me.

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That is an Grown-up Site Only! That is an Website! You be required to be 18 or Older! A nd that's what these pages are all about! Gay, seductive tales that I have written Some based on genuine life incidences, others hopeful fantasies. Some written solely to give you something worthy of laundering your towels over! By Mickey Daddy Ray aka Daddyshere. Story by Mickey 'Daddy' Ray.

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There was this one guy I used to be friends with in my last year of high school we fell out after graduation , and we were pretty close. We'd go over to each others houses and play video games, eat junk food and watch movies.

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