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Josh and Lolly Weed announced their impending divorce. Five years ago, Josh Weed, a Mormon family therapist and blogger living in Seattle, came out to the world as...

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Finish finally week, a personal blog post by her husband updated their journey under the headline, "Turning a unicorn into a bat: The newel in which we announce the boundary of our wedding. Some celebrated their choice. And anon there was Laurie Campbell, who instantly worried about those who would battle with the firmness. Ty Mansfield, a member of the LDS Church who has experienced same-sex attraction and, consistent Josh and Lolly Weed, is a marriage and clan therapist, expressed beloved for his patrons of nearly a decade and his support for their right to action.

He also has concerns about their blog post:. I also feel absolutely concerned when they then move from their story into broad over-generalizations of these issues Josh Weed came ended to his LDS bishop for the first time when he was years-old during the mids.

Today, Family Services says it offers the following:

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If any gay man and straight woman could make a marriage work, Josh and Lolly Weed could. For 15 years, the Mormon couple did everything their church advised. They were best friends. They prayed together, studied scriptures together, worshipped together, raised four daughters together.

They even shared careers as marriage and family therapists. And they were not in denial at their wedding. On Thursday, the two announced they are divorcing. The husband and wife realized what they were missing: They made their intentions public because so many other LDS couples had looked to them as role models. The Weeds then took an extraordinary step: They apologized to Mormons who may have followed their example even though they never advocated that anyone do so and to the whole LGBTQ community.

In , The Tribune profiled three Mormon pairs of gay men and their straight wives and how they were trying to make it work. Two of the couples, including the Weeds, insisted on using pseudonyms for fear of exposure.

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And to allow each to make the choices that will lead them to a Kingdom where they will be rewarded with the happiness merited by those choices. Josh and his family never intended to be public figures, his post went viral, hence lack of other information about them besides the blog, exc.

Jeff Bennion, who is gay and an LDS Church member and a marriage and family therapist, is married to a woman. I wish you well in your life, too. Mormons in same-sex relationships were declared apostates.

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