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Whorror: I hope not every guy from Russia is like that dude. If so, remind me never to look for love in Russia.


Emma Monteiro: That guys must not be an Ukrainian

Amelia Tapper: And that accent omg kill me so hot

Vidal J: The Spanish guy is soo cute. The assboat captain pickup line would definitely work on me, haha.

Kätzchen: The only handsome Italian men in this video were in 54 many of them are foreigners not Italians. How do i know? i am Italian and i know my people.

Dennis M: These are the stereotypes for greeks since the nineties.Its quite far from the truth,even though these stereotypes sell great products(Big fat greek wedding).And the Greek women are much more beautiful,and very,very insecure inside(so i guess gossiping is .actually spot on).

Mujtaba Azim: Can I say that?

Caryn Pianist: Pleaaasse do a video telling the differences between latinos and Europeans!

MichixD: Austrians are really beautiful.

Bere Flaviu: Wtf Spanish is not on this clip. that's the best out of all of them.

DeadlyxLeox28: So what I got from this, is that women are judgemental as fuck. And if you want to have a conversation with one, you either have to go traveling, or skydiving. Nice.

ItzStefos101: THANK YOU for using the ROC flag

LittleLulubee: So being direct huh? but what to do if ur shy approaching ur crush ?

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Do you think students like this are pretentious ?

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Hot Guy Quick Bathroom Wank

I got the circuit working and added an additional amplifier stage to get a pretty stout output from the device and also purchased an anal electrode from the internet to use it with. I go out to the car and my friends all look at me. I grabbed it with one hand, and my firm grip felt intense.

Head behind When in the shower, take the shower head off and lay down in the tub. Also, naturally, I was sitting in the middle seat.

However this would not stop me from my mission. I got so turned on by her assless chaps that I locked my bedroom door, and the rest is history.

It never got completely gay though just a bunch of preteens jerking off. Any barstools I found. Gay Guys Tube This would not stop me. While taking a shower I lay down on the bottom of the shower, the hot water aimed at my dick.

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Shampoo partisan When in the shower, I find that the best way to masturbate is with a whole whack of shampoo.

IRaceCroatia: The mexican middle class is the same way. it might be a global issue now that i think about it.

Ara Mahar: I find it insulting to be offered to go for a meal, then asked to pay for it, when it was not even my idea.

Elena Stanica: If someone offered me that cheese I would laugh so hard at them.

Katja .Geiger: The basic pillar to marriage is not emotion in first but religion and ethics.

Henkvermalen: I don't think anyone wants to go to Sweden. especially because of the feminazi non logical women

JarofromYard: Talking about politics? haha most of these women are thick af just like their Scandinavian counterpart minus Danes).

Pickle Berry: Wtf I'm from brasil that is not regular portugese that's something else XD. She must be from some remote area or something. I had no idea what she was even saying. 50

Rommel Chatto: Have you done one for polish people? If not . Then do one .

Roro Jamil: He only have a poor 3 inches


Ring Neck: Could you do Norwegian girls? Or Hungarian? What about Canadian? It doesn't have to be girls for all of them, whatever you want.

Melissa Derp: That portuguese sucked lol

Luxu Legendas: Putain ce chtar sur le front.

Aline P: she behaves and acts completely immature and childish

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