Guys At The Gym - Women Reveal The Things They Hate That Men Do At The Gym

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But back to that boyfriend thing. If you uncommonly like a guy, soon after there is no wickedness in saying hi. Working from a casual beam, to a hello and then 6 gym sessions you should be talking. Remember that you are there to train. That is a gym. Fancy us, you can choose yourself look so foolish by overdoing your blow up b coddle up when you meet one's maker to the gym.

So stick with some underlying eye make up if you have to, but lay off that basis and train hard!

In a world where everyone seems to be running a marathon or triathlon, the gym has secured its place at the centre of many people's lives. Almost half of women are put off the weights area because of the 'type' of people there, according to a Cosmopolitan survey.

While 14 per cent are intimidated by the thought of men judging them. Celebrities get it too. Singer Ellie Goulding recently spoke about how she hates men staring at her in the gym and judging her for exercising. Ellie Goulding at the iTunes festival. Friends tell me the thought of men staring at them has put them off trying anything but the treadmill in the gym.

Some avoid the place altogether because they feel embarrassed by men seeing them in tight lycra.

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Currently two million fewer women than men participate in sport and exercise regularly. The same goes for sit-ups and stretches. Believe me, this can save you both time and disappointment. Before leaving the studio, she bucked up and walked straight up to him and said something along the lines of "I couldn't help but notice you when I walked into class, I'd love to get to know you better.

About 2 miles into my run, I stopped by the water fountains and evaluated the scene. The body also found that women don't exercise for fear of being judged - something that's clearly a problem in many of Britain's gyms. Nobody wants to walk over a dude just to get a drink of water.

If you really like a guy, then there is no harm in saying hi. Despite making attempts to break out of my comfort zone throughout the month at different studios, from hot yoga to Equinox, it never felt natural. Obviously you notice hotties, but you also respect anybody who's working hard.

Believe us, you can make yourself look so stupid by overdoing your make up when you go to the gym. But if you're there for the right reasons, you're there to focus on that interest, not the other gym-goers.

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Guys At The Gym

People are trying to work out, and that means a whole lot of breathing.

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