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Here we have three hot straight guys all three of them have the same first name — Jack who wanted to try their luck in porn. Jack...

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David Vance has to be one of the luckiest photographers in the midwife precisely. There are a fortune of great jobs you could do, from finagle therapist for the French Rugby team seriously, tease you seen those guys?

I wish I had the names of every so often guy appearing in that shoot so I could go out there and find more for each and every one of them, but alas I have no clue. Appreciate the rest of your Friday guys, see you back here for more sexiness tomorrow. Your e mail address will not be published. Notify me of follow-up comments by e mail. Notify me of rejuvenated posts by email. That site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.

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Naked Men Posing

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Take Gaetano for example. He lets the other guy stroke his cock for some more time, and then he shoots a big cumshot that lands all over his hot chest! Your email address will not be published. He begins by slowly rubbing his cock through the shorts and teasing us with horny face expressions. Whoever has had a chance to visit Palermo or Sicily can attest to the fact that pretty much all their guys are super hot, handsome and wild in bed.

Well, although he thinks of himself as "straight" he does frequently fool around with his pal Carmelo, and the two men often engage in wild threeways with his girlfriend. So Jack takes off his trackies and shows off his hot body for the camera — flexing his muscles and posing naked.

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LoVeMusiC35: She ruined the french accent

Van Ivanov: One word HITLER :)

Diogo Lima: Huh. Strange to watch this as a Chinese American.

Linda Wagner: I'd love to see that movie

Macabro Sexy: Only the Spanish guy yup

Cody Cordero: Bc kuch bhi.

Dani Santos: Tawk to me when u docta!

Stacy T: OMFG, us Mexicans are fucking late to everything, especially me. I expect to be late to my own funeral.

Lillovesyou: Omg the moment I saw the lady that spoke french I was like she's Greek cause of the nose and face structure LIKE YES, MY GREEK HERITAGE CAME THRU

S Spring: You had to say more about looks and the biking we always do here, how tall all the guys are

Mileystella: Will there be a video about dating Swedes any time soon?

Sherpai123: I could definitely date one.

Mohamad Saleh: Danish women in general like to consider themselves small princesses. They are born with a negative sense of entitlement I have never seen as bad in any other country in the world. They claim to have ethical values but most of them are very shallow in their choice of life and opinions.

Catherine Tan: Polish and Bulgarian sounded the best to me. I'm glad I'm moving to Poland this year!

Arzu Aghayev: I like English yeah well what fucking part of England?

Julia H: Chilean Spanish? :(

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  1. yay! i'm so glad you're back! i missed you too! my bf would sometimes randomly sing your outro song. =)

  2. for some crazy freaky reason you remind of miley cyrus,lol weird,well i hope im alone in thinking this

  3. so glad you made this video. was thinking of you while watching jenna's video. jenna was also one of my favorite youtubers, very disappointed

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