Spanked By My Boss - My Boss Didn’t Like My Outfit, So He Made Me Strip For Him

My boss and I had gotten into a routine over the last few weeks: It never took more than a few minutes, we were both so wound up by...

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By five about fourteen people had arrived. I ould have worked out a payment plan with the mechanic, I could have borrowed the money from my parents, I may have been able to get an advance on my salary,or I may have been able to borrow the money from my boss but I took the easy way out. The sensation of standing before him completely naked while he was fully clothed was surprisingly intoxicating.

Were they making it easier on me or was I becoming numbed,or most shocking was I becoming so warped punishment was becoming exciting to me. I expected to be hit again on my tummy but the whip came in a blur to snap into my breasts flattening and jerking them causing pain to radiate all through my body.

I was lucky to get this job since I didn't have great grades in school in spite of spankings by my parents for bad grades.
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He put the hook in the clamp on my nipple then dropped it. I went back to my desk with my legs slightly open since my thighs would drag on the clamps. I was trying to decide what to say to the girls and the boss when it suddenly occurred to me that in my whole life I had never had a party. He was sitting behind his big desk and waved me to a chair in front of him.

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