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Lainie Medina: We will meet at 135''.i know the germans are very punctual but this seems an exageration to meXD

LucaTubber: There so many men killed in 2nd world war that the ratio of men to women has never evened out again; there is a shortage of men in Russia.

Logan Cole: They are very good in bed ^^

Cosmoetic __.: The girl in the first picture is obviously anorexic. It's messed up that some people find that attractive

Noxigoss 7.70: Please do a you know you are dating a turkish woman when

Evelin Felix: Brits French Aussie

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Bianca C.: Meanwhile, it should go without saying that Montreal women are the gold standard by which all women should be.

TheRealFake: Do the Spanish accent of El Salvador and Honduras

Afonso Lima: HAHA how cute. most are 1%

Aampier: Excuse me, but a man from MOntreal ought to be Frendh speaking. The Quebicqua are even more militant over le laungue francais, than the French.

Lucas Bonfim: Beauty trend in the middle east: be white and blonde

Heinz 01: You asked women to look at 8 types of pictures.

Mira Song: Splitting d bill feels like the best thing to do

Amir Hussain: Guys. Is there a difference between dating and being the GF of a guy ? Wow. I'm from France. for me there's no difference at all OO

Flore Bouyac: So they want to be real life Lolys(?

Yui Ito: I had a TA this semester and she was Russian. She was as charming as she was intelligent about the coursework. Incredibly straight forward and did not tolerant BS. Wish I could find a girl like her.

Love Lin: It's funny cos it's true!

Selindra _: I know it's only acting but.terrible lighting when they are taking their selfie at 3 Harsh shadows !

K Vargas: The Trinidadian dude was hilarious!

Jack Ob: This one is not an Egyptian person; he has an accent of Gulf countries such as Saudi Arabia.etc. But no in hell he is Egyptian.

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